International Symposium on
"Genome Project and Computer Science"

March 9-10, 1995
Sanjo Conference Hall, The University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan

conference program

[ISGC9501] Takashi Yokomori (Univ. of Electro-Communications) : "Computational Linguistics for DNA Evolution and RNA Structure Modeling"

[ISGC9502] Tom Head (Binghamton Univ.) : "Splicing Languages and DNA: A Survey"

[ISGC9503] Masami Hagiya / Masanori Arita (Univ. of Tokyo) : "Comparison of Approaches to Bio-Simulation"

[ISGC9504] Peter D. Karp (SRI International) : "The Encyclopedia of E. coli Genes and Metabolism"

[ISGC9505] Tatsuya Akutsu (Gunma Univ.W) : "Pattern Matching Algorithms for Three-Dimensional Protein Structures"

[ISGC9506] Richard H. Lathrop (MIT) : "Optimal Protein Threading for `Inverse' Protein Structure Prediction"

[ISGC9507] Kiyoshi Asai (ETL) : "Stochastic Models and Grammars for Molecular Biology"

[ISGC9508] Gary D. Stormo (Univ. of Colorado) : "Pattern Recognition Problems in Genome Research"

[ISGC9509] Satoru Miyano (Kyushu Univ.) : "Knowledge Acquisition System BONSAI Garden"

[ISGC9510] Edward C. Uberbacher (ORNL) : "Computational Challenges in the Analysis of Sequences"

[ISGC9511] Lawrence Hunter (NLM) : "Artificial Intelligence and Molecular Biology"