A DNA Sequencing Project Monitoring and Sequence Data Quality Control System

Akira Ohyama[1] (akr@mitsui-knowledge.co.jp)
Masaki Takazawa[2] (takazawa@kazusa.or.jp)
Atsuko Kubota[2] (kubota@kazusa.or.jp)
Nobuyuki Miyajima[2] (miyajima@kazusa.or.jp)

[1] Mitsui Knowledge Industry Co. Ltd.
3-7-4 Kojimachi, Chiyada-ku, Tokyo 102, Japan
[2] Kazusa DNA Research Institute
1532-3 Uchino, Yana, Kisarazu, Chiba 292, Japan


A solution system for the bottlenecks of a large-scale DNA sequencing project is now under development in the Kazusa DNA Research Institute. The system provides an integrated sequencing project management capabilities. Its functions are ranged from monitoring of running equipments, viewing of every data flow of DNA clones, contigs and raw data from automatic sequencers, commands for setting instructions to specified clones, a multiple alignment editor, to sequencing data quality control functions.