GenomeCruiser: A Laboratory Notebook for Human Gene Mapping

Hiroshi Dohi[1] (
Hideaki Sugawara[2] (

[1] Department of Information and Communication Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo
7-3-1, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113, Japan
[2] WFCC World Data Center on Microorganisms
The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)
Hirosawa 2-1, Wako-shi, Saitama 351-01, Japan


A system is described for cruising the sea of information in the world of human genome. The system named GenomeCruiser combines at any start-up personal data with the data from GDB. Therefore, it is a convenient laboratory notebook for the user to simultaneously access his/her experimental data and the most up-to-date public data. GenomeCruiser is also equipped with a friendly and powerful interactive user interface.