The Gene Network: Development of a Database System Showing the Relationships Among the Genes of All Species

Nobuyuki Miyajima (
Shinobu Nakayama (
Mitsuyo Kohara (
Satoko Hayashi (

Department of Genome Informatics, Kazusa DNA Research Institute
1532-3 Uchino Yana Kisarazu, Chiba 292 Japan


We have developed a sophisticated method called ``The Gene Network'' for elucidating the relationships existing among all genes. This was accomplished by employing 24222 gene symbols contained in the MEDLINE database of Entrez rel. 12.0, then determining their inter-relationships by examining the frequency of appearance among one another. This new method enables construction of gene maps which graphically show their relationships, there by enhancing the understanding of them. We expect The Gene Network will have the future capability to allow navigation through the ``world of genes.''