Development of a genetic information system for institute engaged in molecular biology.

Hiroshi Mizushima (
Yoshiyuki Kuchino (

Biophysics Division
National Cancer Center Research Institute.
5-1-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104, Japan


National Cancer Center Research Institute has about 200 researchers. Most of them are engaged in studies of molecular biology. Before the introduction of Local Area Network system(LAN), each division in our institute had their own genetic analysis system working independently. As we integrated LAN and connected it to the internet by joining TISN, we planned to make a total system for genetic analysis. Our concept was to make a system so that all researchers can use updated versions of database and analyze their data by supercomputers, easily. We thought it is hard for all researchers to use UNIX commands to perform their searches and retrievals to the database. So, our system is consisted with PC-9801 or Macintosh based system. It uses daily-updated database from NCBI to search by PC-9801 or macintosh programs. It includes gopher system to retrieve required sequence from database, and connection to mail-servers at many places to perform homology searches using supercomputers. As we are maintaining a gopher server in our institute, we are now making a gopher interface to many databases to retrieve and search data easily. We are performing many services not only to the researchers in our institute but also to the researchers outside our institute.