Locus-in: a new database system with graphical front end to integrate mapping data

Shinsei Minoshima (
Nobuyoshi Shimizu (

Department of Molecular Biology,
Keio University School of Medicine
35 Shinanomachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160 Japan


We developed a new database system, Locus-in, to enter raw mapping data and construct integrated maps. This system works on Sun workstation with X-window and a graphic library, Motif. The system supports full graphical user interface. It has the following unique functions: (1) to zoom-in on a specific region of interest; (2) to generate a number of sub-windows associated with a specific region for entry and display of data (each subwindow accepts either ordered or not ordered and either raw or published data); and (3) to create new breakpoints. The current version of Locus-in will be demonstrated at the workshop.