Motif Knowledge Base Based on Deductive Object-Oriented Database Language


[1] ex-ICOT7 presently with Hitachi System Development Laboratory
1099 Ohzenji, Asao, Kawasaki, 215, JAPAN
[2] Information and Mathematical Science Laboratory, Inc. (IMS)
presently at ICOT
[3] Institute for New Generation Computer Technology (ICOT)
1-4-28 Mita, Minato, 108 JAPAN


The representation of biological concepts in a knowledge base are important to a machine or a non-specialist of biology to understand and analyze genetic information. In our previous study, we studied the representation of biological knowledge and the representation of biological knowledge related to motif of protein with the goal of discovering new motifs.

In this paper, firstly, the requirements for the representation of biological knowledge are listed. Then, solutions to these requirements are stated. Finally, representation of bioloigal knowledge on motif in the Deductive Object-Oriented Language, QUIXOTE, is shown. The knowledge base includes Prosite, a representative motif database, as the basis of the knowledge base.