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The Laboratory of Genome Database was the first laboratory of the Human Genome Center when it was established in 1991. Minoru Kanehisa was Laboratory Chief then (1991-1995) to help start both the Human Genome Center and the Genome Informatics Project under the Japanese Human Genome Program. Since 2002 he is again in charge of the Laboratory to develop a new generation of databases and computational tools, beyond the traditional genome databases and sequence analysis tools, for making full use of the large-scale molecular datasets generated by sequencing and other high-throughput experimental technologies. The Laboratory is also reponsible for developing the following three components of the KEGG resource.

KEGG DISEASE - Disease pathway maps and disease entries for diseases with known genetic factors and infectious diseases with known pathogen genomes
KEGG DRUG - Drug chemical structures, molecular interaction networks with targets, metabolizing enzyme, etc., and chemical structure transformation networks in drug development
KEGG Atlas - A new advanced tool under development for handling KEGG pathway maps, especially global maps, and BRITE functional hierarchies

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